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Working in an escort service is a high income!
Escort services have recently become very popular both among clients and among girls who want to earn without much effort. And this is not surprising, because such work is very well paid and has a lot of positive advantages. But in order to become a sought-after escort model, you need to know all the subtleties and nuances of working in such a service sector.

First you need to understand what these services are and what they include. Escort is the escort of wealthy men by beautiful women at various events, dinners, meetings and business conversations. It is generally believed that such a business originates from the time of the creation of modeling agencies, the owners of which provided their models for "rent" to rich businessmen for a certain time. Thus, these agencies significantly increased their income level, and the girl could get a good tip. Sex was not included in these services.

After some time, more specialized companies appeared from such modeling agencies, which began to deal exclusively with the provision of escort services. At the same time, girls of completely different appearance, not necessarily model, could work in such agencies. The escort business market has split into two varieties:

• event with a man once;
• departure of an escort model abroad, for example, on a business trip for a fixed period .

The provision of sex services was not included in the basic cost of the model's support. But the model and the client, if desired, could discuss these details in person for additional financial remuneration.

Criteria for working as an escort vip escorts Madrid
In ordinary companies that provide escort services, there are no impossible and mandatory criteria. You only need to have a well—groomed appearance, love communicating with people and strive for a lot of earnings. Even if you are not the most luxurious girl in your area — your individual beauty will undoubtedly charm a man who will see you as an ideal. Because all men are different and each of them has his own idea of female beauty.

If you want to become a VIP model in the escort sphere, then there are already mandatory criteria that a VIP model must have.

You need to have the following data:

• beautiful figure, smooth and clean skin, well-groomed hair and nails;
• sociability and the ability to find a common language with any people ;
• absence of bad habits, for example, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol;
• be able to quickly get ready and put on makeup in an emergency;
• positive attitude, regardless of external circumstances;
• education and erudition;
• foreign language proficiency;
• age under 35.

But still, the main advantages in this job are pleasant communication with interesting wealthy people, visiting beautiful expensive restaurants, meeting influential people, as well as a good salary.

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